Church & Vicarage

The Church Refurbishment

Firstly, let us put your minds at rest!  The Vestry will not be making any significant changes to the interior of the Church - which we all know and love. Its interior and exterior are quite magnificent as they are!  However, the Church does need several items to be refurbished and/or replaced.

The wooden shutters give the church its character; however as we discovered during Hurricane Gonzalo these now let in rain and need to be renewed/repaired in order to ensure that the structure is secure against the elements, especially hurricanes.

We know that many people are very attached to the wooden pews, but they have suffered from termite damage and are weakened to an extent that the Vestry consider it necessary to replace them with more comfortable seating, while keeping the traditional style; and, at the same time, hopefully be able to increase the capacity to a small extent, which we need in high season.

The roof is nearing the end of its serviceable life.  The Church roof was originally covered in shingle tiles (as the bell tower is now) and in-keeping with the traditional look of the surrounding buildings in Gustavia; we would like to return it to that historical style.

The exterior stonework contains limestone, which has deteriorated over the years, in part due to wear & tear and part acid rain.  Repairs are needed especially around the shutters and steps. The steps at the front and side, as well as the paths, are now very uneven and the old stones will need to be taken up and re-laid.

The electrics of the church have not been renewed for some time and these need to be replaced in order to ensure that the building is safe and will be problem free in the future.

The sound system, while adequate, has been put together over a number of years, and given the new technology available, we would like to take advantage of these advancements.

We will also take this opportunity to improve the look of the garden by landscaping and re-planting certain areas and improving the overall ambience of the grounds.

The Vestry has received quotes from island contractors for all these works, as well as seeking quotes from a US manufacturer of traditional wooden pews, in order to have the best quality available, while making sure the prices quoted are competitive.

The cost is estimated to be in the region of €375,000.


The Vicargae Update

As you may be aware the current vicarage was built in the early 1970's, at a time when design and fittings were not to the same standard that they are now.

The bedrooms and bathroom are in much need of updating, and whilst the kitchen and sitting room were re-decorated a little over 4 years ago, there are several areas which are still in need of improvement.  The roof and exterior will also be repainted.

It is expected that these costs will be in the region of €55,000.

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